About Us

Did you know?

Thornton Media started in 1994 with the first indigenous language smart toy. We also introduced the first indigenous language translator, iTunes App, Android App and 3-D video game.
The company started when the owners own grandmother (Lucinda Robbins) was exploited for her Cherokee language knowledge. He began searching for ways tribes could revitalize their languages and control their own language destiny and cultural property.
We have worked with more than 200 tribes and First Nations.
We are the only hi-tech language tool company in the world devoted to indigenous languages.


Our clients retain ownership of all of their cultural property. We will put this in writing.

FYI: When you record your language onto someone's language software, they can argue that your recordings have become 'part of the software' and they now own a copy of your recordings.

Company Team

Don Thornton, President

Don (Cherokee) founded Thornton Media in 1995 and has since worked with more than 200 tribes and First Nations creating custom language tools. He has been a filmmaker, journalist, social worker and grant-writer. He also worked for 15 years in social services in various Indian organizations in Southern California. Don is the founder of the "American Indian Clubhouse", an innovative after-school program for American Indians in Los Angeles (the largest urban Indian population in the US). "We have recorded at the kitchen tables of many wonderful elders across Indian Country" said Don. "Our client's dedication keeps us motivated". He has been called the "Tech Guru of Indian Country.

Kara Thornton - VP, Director of Communication

Originally from Singapore, a small country in Southeast Asia, Kara grew up speaking three languages. "We only have one season all year, summer. It's a multiracial, multicultural country with the world's busiest port" says Kara. She is a Presidential Scholar from the University of Southern California, and a graduate of the Annenberg School for Communication. "I am very fortunate to have the experience to work first hand with many Native language speakers" says Kara. "Whenever we work with them, they bless us with their humor and kindness."